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"Our team has been at the forefront of the industry for over 40 years. Each of us learned the intricacies of managing pharmacy benefits at some of the largest PBMs and consulting agencies in the nation as well as within our own thriving businesses."

- Alan Kellogg, BS Pharm, Principal


Our team is empowered to manage your program as if it were our own. The improved health and lower Rx costs are our goal, same as yours, as we manage in your best interest.


Our Team has a proactive approach to management. This includes a schedule of services, thorough project plans, comprehensive processes, and meticulous quality control. Proper planning results in the application of our decades of knowledge on every group.


Our long list of pharmacy benefits consulting services can be customized to uniquely meet all of your pharmacy benefit requirements.  


In the spirit of true hands-on services, we are the liaison between the PBM and your Plan. The PBM does not contact you directly without our knowledge and our approval. We keep the PBM on-track , attentive, and constantly working on your behalf. 


Our hands-on Pharmacy Benefit Consulting services provide the heavy lifting so that you can stay out of the fulltime PBM watchdog role and focus on what you do best while we drive down the cost of pharmacy.

Have you had your PBM contract re-negotiated in the past two years?

If your contract is over 2 years old you are leaving a minimum of 20% in savings on the table. Negotiation does not mean you have to remove your PBM.

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