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Take the headache out of the proposal process


If the plan is dissatisfied with the performance of the prescription benefit manager (PBM), HealthLinX (HLX) provides a comprehensive request for proposal (RFP) service.  The process begins with an interview and discussion concerning the goals of the plan.  The volume of questions does not translate into better performance or better pricing by the PBM.  As we select pertinent questions from our large database, particular attention is paid to the future needs and political impact of the decision. 


A refined process reflecting your needs and goals combined with our expertise to interpret the offers, allows your plan to select the best possible vendor.


Because of our experience and a proven track record, HLX commands the attention of all the large PBM’s nationwide.  We manage the process for your plan from start to finish, providing a numeric rating for each finalist based upon your needs.  The process is reproducible and has been certified by our customers internal auditors on several occasions.  Using a scoring and weighting process, HLX, maximizes the potential of selecting the best fit for your organization. 

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