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HealthLinX offers a full portfolio of benefits analysis, management, auditing, and monitoring services focused on your cost savings and member health goals. 


Rather than disrupt your goals and objectives, we work with you and your team to ensure your benefit plan is properly analyzed, optimized, executed, and monitored using a proven methodology.  

Comparison of benefit design, data, and contracts with plan goals and objectives
Ongoing management review of claims and benefit design based on market changes
Recommended changes to benefit plan, contract, pricing, and programs   
Deep dive into your benefit design, claims data, contracts, and forms

Plan Management Review

Data-driven, actionable review of all aspects of your benefit design with recommendations for improvement.

Request For Proposal

Take the headache out of the proposal process.

Negotiation and Management

Let the experts step in to ensure your vendor contract aligns with your goals and objectives. 

Audit and Recovery 

Three step approach to ensuring you are paying only for the benefits you intend to provide.

Plan Design Analysis

Aligning incentives with plan objectives.

Ancillary Services

Let the experts fine-tune your benefit plan.

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